Hobbyboerderij "Onder de Sint Jan"

                                        Breda Fowl




The Breda fowl is the largest old original Dutch breed. First used for its meat, the egg production
is fairly good. Although this breed originally was used for its meat, it develops and grows quite slow.
That's why it disappeared as a production breed. Now it is a very good show animal because
of it's strange appearance.

In Dutch the Breda Fowl is called Crow head. This is because of the shape of his head.
The name Breda Fowl represents a city in the south of the Netherlands. 

Breda Fowls are nice quiet animals which can be held in a limited space and free in the garden.
They are quite rare, especially in the colour we breed colour: blue laced.

The chicken has got a remarkably appearance: robust, but slim, fairly high on the legs with upright
posture. The legs are covered with feathers, known as vulture hocks.